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At Evi Turkish Cuisine, we are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients to create delicious and mouthwatering meals for our esteemed guests.

Pides / Pitas

Pide is a popular Turkish dish that can be described as a type of flatbread or Turkish-style pizza. It is a versatile and delicious food that is enjoyed throughout Turkey and has many regional variations.

Entrees / Kebab

Kebabs are a popular and diverse category of meat dishes in Turkish cuisine. They are made with various types of meat, such as lamb, beef, chicken, or even fish, and are often marinated in flavorful spices before being grilled or roasted.


Turkish cuisine is renowned for its delectable desserts, which are beloved for their rich flavors, unique textures, and artistic presentation. Turkish desserts are a testament to the country's culinary heritage, blending influences from various cultures and incorporating a wide range of ingredients.


Turkish cuisine boasts a vibrant and diverse range of beverages that are thoughtfully crafted to complement the rich and flavorful dishes it offers. From traditional teas to unique fermented drinks, Turkish beverages have their own distinct character and cultural significance. One of the most prominent beverages in Turkish culture is çay, or Turkish tea.

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We Are Locally Owned and Operated

Prepare yourself for an exquisite culinary journey through the vibrant flavors of Turkey. We are delighted to have you join us in our restaurant, where our passion for Turkish cuisine comes alive.


Monday - Sunday| 11AM - 10 PM

As Evi fine catering services now available.

Good Food | Good Times

Authentic Turkish Cuisine!

Immerse yourself in the warm and inviting ambiance of our restaurant.

At Es Avi Turkish Cuisine we believe that food brings people together, and we take great pride in sharing the vibrant flavors and cultural traditions of Turkey with our guests. Join us and discover the true essence of Turkish cuisine, where every bite is a delightful exploration of flavors, textures, and aromas.

Happy Customers!

Gunel Aliyeva
Gunel Aliyeva
Absolutely love this place! Highly recommend it!
حسين الحجو Hussein Alhajjo
حسين الحجو Hussein Alhajjo
Awesome stuff
Abdulali Virani
Abdulali Virani
Good Adana kabob entre with excellent salad. They should include more flat bread rather than 3 small pieces. Should also offer Bulgur as choice over rice. My platter was missing the roasted tomato or Jalepno that's common. Maybe my expectations are higher because of much better Turkish restaurants in the Toronto area where I'm from. But happy overall with this place.
Anisha Shaikh
Anisha Shaikh
The food was fantastic so yummy I highly recommend this place .
Zay Moh
Zay Moh
Little food for that price. Please don't skimp on the rice.
Lucy Creighton
Lucy Creighton
The food is extraordinary
Robert Feliciano
Robert Feliciano
First timers, my wife and I had an amazing experience. Babaganush, mixed grill Lamb chops, Chicken, beef Kebabs. Will definitely go back.